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West End: New COVID-19 Rules

Nicola Sturgeon announced today (Thursday 10 Sep.) that tighter social distancing rules are being introduced to address the higher infection rate being seen right now. These changes affect pubs and are mandatory from Monday 14 September, however we should be trying to follow them as of now. Please note - these are significant changes that we all need to be aware of, and ready to keep to.

1st change: groups limited to 6, from 2 households. Up to now, the rule has been that up to 8 people from 3 different households can sit as a group, so long as those from different households remain 1m apart. The rule is now that up to 6 people can sit together from 2 households, so long as each household keeps 1m apart.

2nd change: customers to wear facemasks when standing up and walking around. This means that everyone coming into the pub, being registered for Test & Protect, ordering drinks or food at the bar, carrying drinks back to their table, getting up to go to the loo, or getting up to go out for a cigarette, in all these cases - basically, any time you're not sitting in your seat - customers will need to wear a facemark. Staff are also to wear facemarks at all times.

Since opening up after lockdown, we've kept to the rules as far as we possibly can, and we'll do the same with these new rules too. The vast majority of our customers are fully supportive, despite it all being very annoying & endlessly frustrating! Thank you! We know we can rely on you all to be as supportive with these new rules. So please don't be offended when we ask you to wear your facemask!

Many thanks indeed,

Tim & Oonagh

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