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And finally...

So, short of an asteroid appearing out of nowhere and smashing us all to smithereens, it really does look as if we're reopening tomorrow at 4pm. Hurray to that!

A quick run-down of the do's and don'ts - we're massively grateful to everyone for being so supportive of all this:

INSIDE and OUTSIDE: Alcohol is ok outside but not inside (until 17 May). We're open until 10pm outside and until 8pm inside, with last orders taken 30 mins before those times, and drinking up 15 mins later. The pub doors shut at 10pm.

TABLE SERVICE is mandatory for now - which presents a bit of a challenge, so please be patient and we'll get to you as soon as we can! No standing at the bar to order or wait for your drink, please.

GROUP SIZE: Limited to 6, from 2 households (Inside) or from 6 households (Outside).

TEST & PROTECT: We need to ask for name & tel. number of each household's 'lead person'. (e.g. If you're a group comprising three households, we need three people's details.)

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: People from different households need to remain 1m apart. This applies within groups and between groups.

FACE MASKS: to be worn at all times when not sitting at your table. Medical exemption applies.

BOOKING A TABLE: As we move into nicer weather and outside tables get filled up more quickly, it's a good idea to book your space in advance. Just ring us on 01333 311 587 and we'll put you in the book. We'll default to 2 hours but can flex - just ask.

FOOD: See our delicious new menu on the website. Kitchen opens Wednesday 28th April.

So, enough chat! We'll see you very soon!

Tim & Oonagh

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