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Reopening 26 April

Can it be true? After six months - amazing! - we seem finally to be on the verge of opening our doors again. All being well, we'll be welcoming you back to our modest little inn on Monday 26 April.

Detailed rules & regs are still to be announced, but the likely state of affairs is:

Stage 1, from Mon 26 April: open outside til 10pm (alcohol ok), til 8pm inside (no alcohol)

Stage 2, from Mon 17 May: open outside til 10pm, and inside til 10.30pm, alcohol ok throughout.

After that, in "early June" we may move to opening til 11pm, but probably best not to count our chickens too soon. Let's see how things go in April & May.

Unless we're told otherwise, you'll be free to turn up and grab a table. But as always, booking is a good idea, especially as we move into nicer weather and outside tables get filled up. So ring us on 01333 311 587 and we'll put you in the book. We'll default to 2 hours but can flex - just ask.

For now, group size outside looks like it's limited to 6 people from 3 households. Inside, group sizes are yet to be confirmed.

We'll post more updates as info becomes available and as our own plans get settled.

Not long now! We can't wait to welcome you all back.

Tim & Oonagh

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