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New week! New rules!

The new 5 tier system went live Monday this week, so guess what? New rules and opening hours! The good news is that customers can once again sit inside to have a drink, so long as they eat a main meal. We've updated the menu on the website and made it easy to understand what qualifies as a 'main meal'. Look out too for our special "Tier 2" offers. These are great price options that mean you don't have to fork out £10-£12 for a main dish. Chicken curry & rice for £5 anyone? Or share a quesadilla with someone with a bowl of chips each, for £5 pp.

The key thing in the government's guidance is that if you're having a drink inside, it is to be treated as 'secondary' to having a meal. So what can you expect at the West End? If you're sitting inside to have an alcoholic drink, we'll give you a menu straight away and you can enjoy a drink as you peruse the menu. Once you've placed your food order, we'll be happy to continue to serve you alcohol as you wait for your food to arrive, and then throughout your meal. We'll serve you one further drink at the end of your meal. (The guidance talks in terms of finishing a bottle of wine or enjoying a "postprandial digestif" (!). For our patrons who prefer a pint of beer over wine or cognac, we're reading this to allow one further drink at the end.) There's going to be a bit of judgement involved here so, as ever, we thank you all in advance for your cooperation as we navigate all this! (And please, don't be grumpy if we threaten to remove your plate when three cold chips have been sitting on it for the last 20 minutes...)

The downside here is that when the meal is over and you've had your last drink, we won't be able to serve you any more alcohol inside. (If the weather's nice you can always move outside... 😃)

Here are our new Tier 2 hours:

Mon, Wed, Thu: 3 -8pm

Fri, Sat, Sun INSIDE: 12:30 - 8pm (last entry 7pm, last food order 7:15pm)

Fri, Sat, Sun OUTSIDE: 12:30 - 10.30pm (last entry 9:30pm, last food order 7:45pm)

The kitchen will be open at all times for Inside hours - i.e. anytime you want to sit inside, food will be available. As ever, it's best to book a table in advance. Ring us on 01333 311 587.

Outside hours are dependent on the weather, and we may also close early if very quiet.

Many thanks!

Tim & Oonagh

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