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We're open for business...until 10pm!

Tuesday, 22 September

Hello Everyone - another day, another COVID-19 announcement! Nicola Sturgeon has just confirmed that all pubs and restaurants will now need to close at 10pm from this Friday (25th Sep.). In simple terms, this means:

- Last orders will be called at 9.30pm

- 15m drinking up will be from 9.45pm

- The pub will close at 10pm.

Social distancing: the basic rule remains unchanged: no more than 2 households at any table, and no more than 6 people at that table (excluding children under 12). We reserve the right to challenge groups that appear to be from more than 2 households, so please don't be offended if we ask for details.

Remember to wear a face mask at all times when you're not seated at your table.

Do I need to book? You don't have to, but we increasingly recommend it. The pressure on tables will go up as it gets colder and even our hardiest customers want to come inside to the warmth! The "2 households to a table" limit also means tables will be used up faster. So, if you want to make firm plans for your visit, best to ring us on 01333 311 587 and we'll put you in the book. And just as important - if you're running late or your plans change, please let us know. We may allocate your table to another group if we don't hear from you 15m after your slot starts.

And finally! We know we can continue to rely on the fantastic support of our customers, regulars and visitors alike. All of this is frustrating, annoying, and a bit concerning! But as a pub, we fully support the measures just announced and really do rely on everyone to abide by the rules, so hopefully this latest wave of infections can be controlled and we can see the back of this sooner rather than later.

Thanks everyone,

Tim and Oonagh

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