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Reservations please!

Since our last post, we've had quite a few reservation requests, by phone, website, Facebook, and to the pub's email address, and in person at the bar. Clearly people are keen to make sure they've got a table secured - and quite right too!

We think the time's come to recommend to all our customers that booking a table is the best way to go. This applies for if you're in just for a drink, or if you're eating with us. With the 'rule of 6' and the weather getting chillier, our tables indoors can get filled up very quickly. We don't want anyone to come into the pub and find there's no room at the inn, but for now, this could happen more easily.

So - for regulars and visitors alike, if you want to be sure of a space, please either call in at the bar, or ring us on 01333 311 587. Please don't use website chat, Facebook, or the pub's email for booking requests - it's far easier to confirm details over the phone or in person.

Time-slots: for bookings starting from 6.45pm and earlier, the default time-slot will be 2 hours. For bookings starting from 7pm and later, the default will be that you'll have the table up to our new curfew closing time of 10pm. You're welcome to book in earlier, for longer - just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Many thanks! Tim and Oonagh

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