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Tim and Oonagh bought the West End Bar in December 2017. Born and brought up in Edinburgh, Tim spent much of his career in London at drinks company Diageo, also fitting in a year at culinary school, at Leith's School of Food & Wine in London.  While his job took him to live in New York for four years, Oonagh also took the opportunity of spending several years in the Caribbean in hotel management. Running their own place had been on the cards for a while, and when they happened upon the West End's 'for sale' sign, a conversation over a pint with local Captain Willy started them on the path to buying the place.  Two and a half years on (& putting COVID-19 aside...), the business is again becoming the heart of the community, thanks to some hard work, the great people they've worked with, and the loyalty of their wonderful regulars.


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